How To Make A Healthy Smoothie Easily Without A Blender

how to make a healthy smoothie easily without a blender
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What if I said, you can have a delicious smoothie anytime, anywhere in less than 30 seconds without prepping, blending and mess? And It’s easier than you might think!

you can have a delicious smoothie anytime anywhere in less than 30 seconds

Smoothies Make Us Feel Good

The alarm clock goes off. It’s 6 AM and all you need is a huge glass of tasty and healthy smoothie so you can nourish your body before the day takes over.

Not only does it give you the necessary nutrients, but it also fills you up just good enough that you are ready to conquer the day like a boss.

The choices that we make early in the morning with our first meal of the day are the ones that will determine our decisions that are to come later on.

Blending Can Be A Hassle

When you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to peel all the fruit and vegetables, cut it up, blend and then clean the mess after, traditional smoothie making could be a challenge.

Or maybe you are traveling or don’t have a blender at all. Either way, just because you don’t have a blender insight doesn’t mean you have to skip your morning goodness.

If you’re like me who is addicted to his smoothies you wouldn’t want to go a day without them.

Nothing is better than downing a delicious cold and refreshing smoothie to kick-off the day or enjoying an occasionally ‘sweet-treat’, right? 

nothing is better than a delicious, cold and refreshing smoothie to kick of the day

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

But let’s be real: Nothing is worse than not having a blender when the mood strikes you.

Smoothies Were Born With The Blender

The history of the smoothie is closely tied to the history of the blender because without this appliance, smoothie making was almost impossible for a long-time.

the history of the smoothie is tied to the history of the blender for a long time

This is why most people think they need to have a blender to make a smoothie. Blenders are just as much attached to smoothie making in people’s heads as wheels are to cars.

Since then, blended fruit and vegetable drinks evolved into a common part of any healthy diet.

If we think about it, it absolutely makes sense.

Why would you struggle to increase your essential fruit and vegetable intake that your body needs with each meal when you can drink a tasty, nutritious and filling smoothie in a single glass?

However, you might be at the office, traveling, your blender has broken or you simply don’t have a blender.

Or even if you are at home, armed with a blender, a lot of things can spoil the fun.

How many times did you open the fridge only to find out that you’ve let delicious fruit and vegetables rot on you just because you forgot you bought some last week? Yikes.

The good news is neither an electric blender nor fresh fruit is actually a requirement for making your favorite smoothie. 

no blender smoothie making hacks

You can stop worrying about your moldy smoothie ingredients for good.

No Blender Smoothie Hack

We wanted to create something special that provides us with delicious, convenient and nutritionally complete food choices that don’t break the bank and can be consumed anytime, anywhere.

This is how we ran into a little-known technology that would totally change the way people consume smoothies today.

This method is called “Freeze-Drying” which is the gentlest and most effective preservation method nowadays, also used by NASA.

It prevents food from spoiling, while still maintaining its flavor, color, texture, and most importantly it locks in nutrition while fresh fruit and vegetables rapidly deteriorate.

And The Best Part?

Not only does our new smoothie taste amazing, but it is also super easy to prepare.

It’s ready in less than 30 seconds without any hassle or mess to clean up.

This is an all-natural powdered smoothie with no blending or refrigeration required.

It means you can have a delicious, high-quality and nutrient-dense glass of smoothie anytime, anywhere even if you are super busy or always on-the-go.

Now You Can Make Your Favorite Smoothie Anytime, Anywhere.

After a year of testing and refining our recipes, we feel that we are ready to share it with the world.

Smoothie-N-Go Is Coming Soon

We believe that smoothie making should be convenient and simple. 

This is why we created Smoothie-N-Go, a new smart food that will fundamentally change people’s perception of smoothies while making it possible to enjoy a sip of your favorite one regardless of where you are.


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New smart food that will make healthy eating super easy even
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