We Believe That

Nature Needs Nothing Added

Our Vision

We want to help millions of people all around the world to live a longer and more fulfilled life by providing better food choices to eat healthy anytime, anywhere no matter what.

Our Mission

More than 100,000 people eat healthier and live a better life with our products and support until the end of 2021.


New Smart Food That Will Make Healthy Eating Super Easy Even If You Are Busy Or Always On-The-Go.

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Peter Tari

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Sal

Co-Founder & Press/Media Manager

Hajnalka Szaboki

Co-Founder & Head Of Product Development

David Smideliusz

Co-Founder & Head Of Operations

Our Story

A few years ago when our lives started to get busy we slowly found ourselves falling into bad health habits.

We started eating out a little more, skipping workouts, or even getting less sleep.

So we decided to start looking for better options to eat healthy even if we are in rush or on-the-go.

After long research, we ran into the perfect solution that can change the way people consume smoothies today…

This is how Smoothie-N-Go was born.

We Are In This Together

Increase Our Fruit And Vegetables Intake

Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 people don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Why should we eat them more often?

Fruits and vegetables are associated with reduced risk of many chronic diseases.

Fruits and vegetables are relatively low in calories which can replace high-calorie foods that aid in weight gain.

Reduce Our Food Waste

Fresh food such as fruit and vegetables matter for our health and for the health of our planet.

It may shock you but one-third of the food produced globally is wasted.

That’s more than enough to feed every hungry people in the world.

It means over 800 million men, women, and children all round the globe.

Together, we can reverse this trend!

Share Our Message With The World!

If you can resonate with what we stand for, you can support us by spreading our message. Email us at press@smoothiengo.com or go to our Media Page to download our press kit.
New smart food that will make healthy eating super easy even
if you are busy or always on-the-go
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