New Smart Food That Will

Make Healthy
Eating Super Easy

Even If You Are Busy Or Always On-The-Go

Do you remember
the last time you said,
"I'll start next Monday"?

Many of us struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting in
our best shape.


If you’ve ever asked for someone’s opinion on this issue, you’ve probably heard the following advice: “Stick to a healthy diet and you’ll be fine.”

But...what does that even mean?

We're Living In The Age Of Fad Diets

Everywhere from social media to the internet to your doctor’s office, you are told to start eating better.

You have plenty of diets to choose from if you are looking to improve your health and reach your personal goals.

The underlying problem is most people try unsustainable and unnecessarily restrictive diets in the name of health.

If that’s you, you’ll see that healthy eating is way more simple and affordable than you may think right now.

Ready To Build
A Better You?

A few years ago, we started our first business while we were still in college, full of ambition and we wanted to get the most out of our lives.

As young go-getters we felt like our natural resources such as time and energy are unlimited and we can get anything done in a day.

It turned out soon that we were wrong…

When our lives started to get busy we slowly found ourselves falling into bad health habits.

We started eating out a little more for convenience, skipping exercising, or even getting less sleep.

However, we knew that our bodies need good nutrition and energy to keep moving at that crazy pace.

We Decided It's Time For A Change

We wanted to have more energy, feel good about ourselves and above all decrease the risk of developing any health-related problems.

But let’s face it…

Eating healthy can be time-consuming, complicated, challenging and expensive.

Whenever we don’t have time for a nutritious meal and feel overwhelmed, what do we do?

We swing by the nearest coffee shop and grab a chocolate chip cookie before work and feel guilty about it later.

It is a vicious never-ending cycle.

Just Ask Yourself... How Often
Does This Happen To You?

Just Ask Yourself How Often Does This Happen To You?

You wake up in the morning
and between getting yourself ready and trying to look halfway alive you
simply skip breakfast.

You run down to the nearest fast-food joint to grab the quickest thing to eat for lunch before heading back to the office.
You get home late from work exhausted and the last thing you want to do is prepare a healthy dinner, so you end up eating unhealthy food instead.

If you can relate... We get it.
you are not alone.

We’ve all been there. When hunger strikes, we’re not prepared, and we grab whatever we can get our hands-on the quickest.

You Don’t Have To Eat Perfect


In a world where unhealthy and over processed foods are readily available everywhere you go but you have limited healthier options, it can be tough to take care of yourself.

We’ve realized that instead of aiming to eat perfect by following a strict diet, we should start incorporating small but consistent changes into our daily routine.

This Is Where Smoothies Come Into Play

After our intensive research, we’ve discovered that drinking a delicious smoothie is a great solution to this problem.

They make it so easy and enjoyable to eat more fruits and vegetables while meeting your nutritional needs.

You can replace one of your essential meals with real food made by nature during your day or even enjoy them as occasional “sweet treats”.

 But there is more to smoothies than just improving your daily fruit and vegetable intake… 

Amazing taste

They taste amazing,
everybody loves them,
even picky-eaters and

Low calories

They can help avoid
overeating, cut calories
and eliminate your food cravings.


They keep your body hydrated even if you don’t really like drinking water.

Weight loss

They can help you reach your ideal weight.

However, Making A Smoothie YOURSELF Can Be Huge Challenge...

It Used To Drive Us Up The Wall

We can all agree that smoothies are delicious and have a number of health benefits but when you are in a rush making it yourself can be time-consuming, messy and expensive.

Shopping all the ingredients, cutting them up, blending them together and then cleaning everything up.

Not to mention that making it at home takes up to 15 minutes or even more.

Pre-Made Smoothies Aren’t As Healthy As We Think They Are

We like convenience so we don’t want to deal with the hassle of making it ourselves every time, right?

We then usually ended up going to a smoothie bar or grabbing a pre-made smoothie at our local grocery store.

The problem is those smoothies could cost us up to $10 and most of them are full of added sugar, other artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

What If We Said There Is A Better Way To Have Your Favorite Smoothie Anytime, Anywhere?

We wanted to create something special that provides us with delicious, convenient and nutritionally complete food choices that don’t break the bank and can be consumed anytime, anywhere.

This is how we ran into a little-known technology that would totally change the way people consume smoothies today.

This revolutionary method is called “Freeze-Drying” which is the gentlest and most effective preservation method nowadays.

It prevents food from spoiling, while still maintaining its flavor, color, texture, and most importantly it locks in nutrition while fresh fruit and vegetables rapidly deteriorate.

And The Best Part?

Not only does our new smoothie taste amazing, but it is also super easy to prepare.

It’s ready in less than 30 seconds without any hassle or mess to clean up.

This is an all-natural powdered smoothie
with no blending or refrigeration required.

It means you can have a delicious, high-quality and nutrient-dense glass of smoothie anytime, anywhere even if you are super busy or always on-the-go.

After a year of testing and refining our recipes, we feel that we are ready to share it with the world.



100% Fruit & Vegetables Made With Love, Nothing More.

NO Prepping



Get your smoothies now!


New smart food that will make healthy eating super easy even
if you are busy or always on-the-go
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